Writing Support and Resources

Study Skills Booklet

The Study Skills Booklet contains important information on formatting footnotes and bibliographies, preparing written assignments and studying for exams, including answering gobbets questions.

History Department Writing and Learning Mentor

Undergraduate and MA students have access to the History Department Writing and Learning Mentor, who offers seminars on study skills and essay writing.

Online Resources

Have a look at some of the online research tools available to historians.

UCL's Royal Literary Fund Fellows (RLF)

The RLF Fellows are professional authors, and the principal aim of their work at UCL is to foster good writing practice across all disciplines and media, helping all students (undergraduate and graduate) to write clearly and effectively.

Undergraduate students should consult the Effective Academic Writing page for details on one-to-one RLF tutorials.

SELCS Writing Lab

Affiliate students can also get help with their academic writing and essays by visiting the SELCS Writing Lab. This is based within the School of European Languages, Culture and Society.  

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