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Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Officer is Claire Morley (ext. 31341).

Accident Reporting

Anyone suffering or observing an accident in the Department should report it to the Departmental Safety Officer and obtain an accident report form. Serious accidents should be reported immediately to the Safety Office (ext. 28850).

Emergency Situations

In all emergencies, phone 222.

Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation

If you discover a fire, phone 222 and sound the fire alarm.

Evacuate the department via the fire escapes. Assemble in the South Quadrangle (to the rear of the History department building).

If the fire alarm sounds, evacuate the department via the fire escapes and assemble in the South Quadrangle. Do not block the exits from the building.

First Aid

The Department’s First Aider is Joanna Fryer (G04, ext. 37125).

Please contact her if first aid is needed. Outside of office hours, you should approach UCH Accident and Emergency Department.

In the event of a major injury, phone 222 from any UCL phone, state your location and telephone number and give details of the accident. Obtain assistance from nearest First Aider.

First Aid boxes are situated in the Academic Office and directly outside the Academic Office (in house 24).


Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Department or on the landing outside the main entrance at any time.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones should always be switched off when you attend lectures and classes. At other times, please be considerate of people working and teaching in the Department and only make or receive calls in the Undergraduate Common Room.


Do not leave personal belongings unattended. UCL does not accept responsibility for loss of students’ personal property. Enquiries regarding lost property should be made at the History Department Reception, in the first instance.

UCL’s location makes it very difficult to prevent entirely the access of unauthorized people to College premises. If you see anyone acting suspiciously, please inform either the History Department Reception, or the Security Office (ext. 37111).

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