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Student in Flaxman gallery, UCL Library

The UCL and University of London (often called Senate House) libraries are available to all students:

UCL Library Catalogue;  more information on UCL Library Services.

Our Subject Librarians are Kieron Jones (History) and Jes Cooban (Ancient History).  If you are having problems with the availability of a book, or would like to suggest an item for purchase, please contact them.

University of London Library catalogue; more information about the library.

Graduate students can generally use the Research Libraries of the various institutes of the University of London's School of Advanced Study, which together form the University of London Research Library Services although some of these are now willing to admit undergraduates, particularly those engaged writing extended essays and dissertations.

The British Library, the largest library in the UK, can be used by any student, although it should probably be used as a last resort, other than by those doing in-depth research, be it for a 10,000 long essay, a master's dissertation or a doctoral thesis. More information.

London has many specialized libraries and archives, such as the Guildhall Library, the Wiener Library and Dr Williams' Library. Many learned societies, such as the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Historical Society, and museums and galleries, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, also have libraries that may be consulted.

Anyone can use the National Archives at Kew. It also hosts the valuable A2A catalogue of archives across the UK, including many local London archives.

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