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Undergraduate Common Room

The undergraduate common room, room G06, is on the ground floor of 25 Gordon Square. It contains pigeonholes for your mail and notice boards for general notices, events information etc. There is also a TV screen that displays notices that may be of interest to History undergraduates. In addition to this, there are basic kitchen facilities, three computers and a printer.


There is one photocopier/printer available in the undergraduate common room. Other card operated photocopiers are available in the Library, DMS Watson Library and the photocopying room off the walkway between the South Junction and Lower Refectory.


UCL provides a system of networked computer cluster rooms at various locations across campus, including room 203 in the History Department, which is open Monday to Friday, 9-5. 

Map of public cluster rooms

Students are given a free printing allowance of £12 per academic year, equivalent to c.80 pages per term.

The Information Services Division also offers free, academically-focused training for students in various computer packages.

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