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Classification Calculation

Your degree classification is calculated on the basis of a weighting of 1:3:5 for your first and second-year marks for three year degrees, and a weighting of 1:3:3:5 for four year degrees. Only the highest mark equivalent of 1 c.u. of your first-year counts towards your final classification - so, either the average of two half year units or a full year unit mark. In order to take account of the fact that you may be taking full and half year modules, calculations are based on the MEDIAN of 66 marks.

How to figure out your classification:

Step 1: Take the top one unit (or average of two half units) mark from your first-year and list it twice.

Step 2: List marks for all your full year second-year modules six times. List all marks for your half year second-year modules three times.

Step 2a: History with a European Language and History with a Year Abroad students only: Repeat step 2 with your third-year results.

Step 3: List marks for all your full year final-year modules ten times. List all marks for your half year final-year modules five times.

Step 4: Arrange your list in descending order from highest to lowest marks.

Step 5: You should now have a list of 66 marks (90 marks for HwEL and HwYA students). The median of these marks determines your degree classification. This is the middle number - that is, the average of the 33rd and 34th number in your list (45th and 46th for HwEL/HwYA students).

NB: If you began your programme prior to 2013-14, compulsory first-year modules cannot be calculated towards your final classification. If you commenced your programme during or after 2013-14, your highest mark may include compulsory first-year modules.

If this is a borderline case, the Board of Examiners take account of the candidate’s performance in the following order:

i. the distribution and preponderance of class marks across the units selected;

ii. the mean of class marks across the units selected;

iii. the results achieved in the final year of study.

What do I need to do to get a first? An example.

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