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Special Subjects

These modules are for final-year students only and are worth 2 c.u. Assessed by a 3-hour unseen examination (HIST3xxx) and a 10,000 word dissertation (HIST9xxx).

HIST3107/9107: Ancient Warfare: Assyrian and Greek Perspective*
Professor Karen Radner and Professor Hans van Wees

HIST3108/9108: The Intellectual Landscape of the Late Roman Republic*
Dr Valentina Arena

HIST3206/9206: Popes, Caliphs and Sacred Law, 385-850*
Professor David d'Avray

HIST3205/9205: Passages to Jerusalem: The Crusades and the Medieval World, 1095-1291
Dr Antonio Sennis

HIST3312/9312: The British Civil Wars and Interregnum 1637-60
Professor Jason Peacey

HIST3301/9301: Great Britain and the American Colonies 1760-1776
Professor Stephen Conway

HIST3318/HIST9318: Antipodean Encounters: Aborigines, Convicts and Settlers in New South Wales, c. 1770-1850
Professor Margot Finn

HIST3405/9405: Progressivism and Progressive Thought in America c. 1890-1914
Dr Melvyn Stokes

HIST3419/9419: On the Move: The Automobile in History*
Professor Bernhard Rieger

*These modules are subject to approval and will be confirmed in due course

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