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Language Modules at UCL

BA History with a European Language students may either take a language unit at the School of European Languages, Culture and Society (SELCS) or in the relevant department of the UCL Language Centre.

First year students

First year students are expected to take the following modules in SELCS. 

  • French FREN1001: Use of French and FREN1002: French Oral
  • German GERM1001: The Modern German Language
  • Italian ITAL1010: First Year Italian Language
  • Spanish SPAN1001: Spanish Language I

Progressing Students

Progressing students can take modules at SELCS or the Language Centre.

Students planning to study CLIE modules are placed on a module at the appropriate level following an assessment during induction week. Students must take modules of level 4 or above.

Please see the HwEL Moodle page for more details.

You will need to contact the relevant language department to ensure that the module(s) you wish to take is available to you and academically suitable. Please note that for modules to be taken in SELCS you should contact the relevant French/German/Spanish/Italian Departmental Coordinator for information about modules. Each department will have slightly different module registration procedure – find out what they are and follow them. Do you sign up in person or apply through Portico? Is there a form that needs to be signed by the History Department? Are there unlimited places or is it first-come, first-served?

Module choices must be approved by the HwEL tutor, Melvyn Stokes.

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