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Full Year Modules

Thematic Modules

These modules are worth 1 c.u. and are intermediate level. The modules are listed in chronological order.

HIST2108: Understanding the Early Mesopotamian World
Professor Eleanor Robson

HIST2109: Asia, the Aegean, Europe: Dividing the World in Ancient Greece
Dr Paola Ceccarelli

HIST2204: Social Systems in Religious History from Constantine to Napoleon
Professor David d'Avray

HIST2205: Islamic Empires in a Comparative Perspective: The Foundations of  Mediterranean Politics in the Age of the Crusades
Dr Patrick Lantschner

HIST2201: The Medieval Universe
Dr Sophie Page

HIST2312: Religious Reformation and Popular Piety, 1450-1650
Professor Ben Kaplan

HIST2302: The Industrial Revolution in Britain
Professor Julian Hoppit

HIST2417: Credit, Money and Crises in the Global Economy, 1700-1970
Dr Coşkun Tunçer

HIST2422: Superpower: A Global History of the United States, 1898-1989
Dr Alex Goodall

HIST2421: African Cities - Past and Present
Dr Tim Gibbs

HIST2414: American History in Hollywood Film
Dr Melvyn Stokes

HIST2423: Social Change, New Social Movements, and Politics in Britain after 1945
Dr Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite

HIST2424: The Cultural Cold War in Europe, 1917-1989
Dr Iain Stewart

Survey Modules

These modules are worth 1 c.u. and are ‘First’ level. The modules are listed in chronological order.

HIST6001: The History of Political Thought
Dr Angus Gowland

HIST6108: The Greek World, c.800-386BC
Professor Hans van Wees

HIST6101: The Near East to 1200BC: The Earliest States
Dr Yağmur Heffron

HIST6105: The Roman Empire from Augustus to Theodosius I
Dr Benet Salway

HIST6201: Europe in the Early Middle Ages, 400-1000
Dr Emily Winkler

HIST6208: The First European Union? Christendom 1100-1350
Dr John Sabapathy

HIST6321: Empire in Eurasia c.1600-1900
Dr Jagjeet Lally

HIST6301: British History c.1689-1860
Professor Julian Hoppit

HIST6307: Enlightenment and Revolution in Europe 1715-1805
Dr Avi Lifschitz

HIST6410: History of Latin America c.1830-c.1930

Dr William Booth

HIST6406: Britain and the Wider World
Dr Chris Jeppesen

HIST6402: European History since 1945

Dr Simona Tobia

HIST6414: The Making of Modern America: The United States since 1920
Dr Nick Witham

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