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HIST3318/HIST9318: Antipodean Encounters: Aborigines, Convicts and Settlers in New South Wales, c. 1770-1850

Professor Margot Finn

The module explores the encounters between Europeans and Aboriginal peoples in colonial New South Wales, c. 1770-1850. It emphasises the significant differences both within and between European and Aboriginal populations, and the ways in which processes of colonisation both consolidated and eroded these differences. Substantial emphasis is placed upon the ways in which Enlightenment thought helped to frame the colonial encounter: Enlightenment conceptions of human nature, science, economy and civilisation are all examined in this context. The impact of legal structures also receives substantial attention: the conviction of criminals in Britain, their transportation to Australia and the operation of the criminal law in New South Wales all shaped the structure, function and perception of colonial Antipodean society. The emergence of a society of ‘free’ settlers and labourers from these convict origins provides an additional topic of focus for the module. Throughout the course, attention will be paid to historiographical debates within Australian history.

Assessment methods:

HIST3318: 1 X 3-hour unseen examination

HIST9318: 1 X 10,000 word dissertation

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