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HIST7403: Medieval History in London Collections

Dr Emily Winkler

This module will explore medieval history through the study of material culture. Taking a thematic approach, it will consider the principal social, political and cultural characteristics of the late Middle Ages (c.1000-1500). For example, medieval church architecture will be investigated as evidence of faith and belief, while objects associated with medieval kings will be studied as examples of political identity.

In an age when literacy was not widespread, objects can provide an insight into the varied ways people expressed ideas and experienced the world around them. Primary source texts will be studied alongside material sources to demonstrate how objects can both support and at times undermine ideas articulated in texts. Students will be introduced to methods of analysing objects as a source for medieval history, as well as the problems and issues of studying material culture within a museum or library environment

Weekly sessions will be taught through a combination of lectures and seminars at UCL and gallery talks at museum collections including the British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, the Museum of London and the British Library. Students will also participate in handling sessions.

Assessment method

HIST7403A/B: 2 X 2,500 word essays

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