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HIST7335: State, Sovereignty and Liberty: The History of European Political Thought in the 18th Century

Dr Peter Schröder

This course will focus on the most important political discourses of the eighteenth century. Students will engage in close interpretation of key texts of this period as well as examining the wider historical context. The main topics of the course are resistance, revolution, natural law and absolute monarchy (Pufendorf and Hobbes); commercial society, self-interest and the passions (Mandeville, Montesquieu and the Scottish Enlightenment); the social contract and the general will (Rousseau); Enlightenment conjectural histories of civilization (Rousseau, Ferguson and Herder); theories of modern liberty and the modern republic (Kant, Sieyès and Constant); European order and perpetual peace (Rousseau, Kant).

Assessment methods

HIST7335A: 2 X 2,500 word essays

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