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HIST6402: European History since 1945

Dr Simona Tobia

This course provides an introduction to the main political, social, cultural and economic developments in Europe from the end of World War Two to the beginning of the twenty-first century. With a few exceptions, the emphasis will be on Europe as a whole, including East and West, and less on the histories of individual countries. As the department offers separate survey courses on British history the course deals with the British Isles only where relevant to more general issues of European history. The course combines a thematic approach with a chronological overview and will be divided into six main sections: 1. The Legacy of War; 2. The Cold War in a Nutshell: Germany 1945-1990; 3. Society in East and West; 4. The Changing Map of Europe in the World; 5. Moments of Crisis; 6. The End of the Post-War Period.

Assessment methods

HIST6402: 1 X 2,500 word essays (25%) and a 3-hour examination (75%)

HIST6402A (Term 1 Affiliate students only): 2 X 2,500 word essays (50/50%) OR 1 X 5,000 word essay (100%)

HIST6402B (Term 2 Affiliate students only): 2 X 2,500 word essays (40/60%)

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