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HIST6110: Ancient and Medieval China and her Neighbours

Dr Vivienne Lo

This is a survey course which will provide an overview of the political, social and cultural history of the territories that we now know as China. From the ancient world of the Shang people through the foundations of empire, its north south fracture under nomadic rule to the cosmopolitan culture of  medieval times, the centralising narrative of an unbroken Chinese civilisation will be questioned.  Lectures will focus on the diversity revealed by archaeological evidence, the impact of the Han history makers and their myths of the culture bringers, the  coming of Indian Buddhism, trade, travel and religion along the Silk Routes. In this way we will learn about the changing lives of those inhabitants of the Yellow and Yangzi River areas and the North China plain and how they were affected by surrounding cultural areas.

The course  will be a forty hour 30 credit module taught in one one hour weekly lecture and one one hour reading slot on a special theme through two terms.

Assessment methods

HIST6110: 2 X 2,500 word essays and a 3-hour examination

HIST6110A (Term 1 Affiliate students only): 2 X 2,500 word essays OR 1 X 5,000 word essay

HIST6110B (Term 2 Affiliate students only): 2 X 2,500 word essays

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