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Role of Examiners

The mark that you receive when your teacher returns a piece of coursework to you is provisional as it will be subject to internal and external moderation and, where applicable, penalties for late submission or excessive length.

All work which counts towards final assessment is moderated by a second member of staff (known as an 'internal’ examiner). In addition, there are 'external’ examiners from other institutions, whose role involves approving examination papers and scrutinising a selection of examination scripts and assessed coursework. Their purpose is to ensure that the internal examiners mark to a consistent standard and that the standards of degree awarded are comparable with those of other UK universities. They also provide feedback to UCL on the conduct of the examination and assessment process. The internal and external examiners together constitute the Board of Examiners, which meets at the end of each year to decide on students’ progression and final degree classifications.

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