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Tutorial System

Every student is assigned to a Personal Tutor, who will provide support, encouragement and advice on both academic and personal matters. A key part of their role is an individual discussion about your academic progress and performance on Tutorial Days, dates for which are given in the Calendar. You are expected to see your Personal Tutor on these days so please make a note of the dates. Detailed arrangements for Tutorial Day will be sent to you directly via email by Personal Tutors or posted on the notice boards. You are also welcome to see your Personal Tutor during their weekly office hours.

If you want to consult your Personal Tutor at any other time, please email them to make an appointment. Personal Tutors have other responsibilities, ranging from teaching and administration to research and publishing, so please bear in mind that they will not always be available at short notice.

The Departmental Tutor is responsible for the welfare and pastoral care of students. They are available to see any student during their office hours, or at other times by appointment. You are encouraged to contact them if you have an urgent query or problem and your Personal Tutor is unavailable.

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