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Data Protection

You will be given a form to complete regarding data protection during the first week of term, or you can pick one up from the Academic Office. With reference to the Data Protection Act (1998), you should note the following:


  • Your photograph will be made available via Portico to members of staff.
  • We may wish to display photographs/video of departmental activities for publicity purposes.
  • The UCL Development Office may wish to use your photograph/video in a UCL publication, e.g. as a news item or to publicise a future event.

Contact Details:

  • Students’ UCL email addresses are publicly available in the UCL online Directory.
  • Other contact details held by the Department or in Portico are available only to members of UCL staff and will not be disclosed to anyone else without your permission.
  • The Department may wish to publish student names and UCL email addresses on its website – e.g. those of the members of the Staff-Student Consultative Committee.


  • Any records generated when you access e-learning resources, such as Moodle, are subject to the Data Protection Act.

Academic procedures:

  • Marked written work will be returned to you in person. Essays not collected by the end of the year will be disposed of confidentially.
  • Degree Results will be displayed, by student or candidate number only, on the notice board. You will receive your individual examination marks in a final transcript from the Examinations section of the Registry.


  • The Department will confirm your student status to outside agencies, such as landlords.
  • If you wish your tutor to provide references for a prospective employer, please ask permission before giving their name.

If you have any concerns about the use of your personal information by the Department or UCL, please contact the Undergraduate Administrator in the first instance.

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