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Aims and Objectives of Undergraduate Teaching in History

The general aims and objectives of all degree programmes in the department are set out below.

  1. To develop students’ interest in, and to promote their study of, the past.
  2. To promote historical (subject specific) skills including:
  • the understanding of cultural, social, political, economic, intellectual and religious changes in the past, and their relation to the historical context of the period under study
  • the effective presentation of complex data to demonstrate an understanding of historical problems and debates
  • the evaluation and assessment of i) source material for particular topics, and ii) the use made of them in the construction of historical argument
  • the analysis of different views of, and approaches to, the past and the relationship between earlier historians’ views and their own historical experience and outlook.

3. To promote transferable personal and intellectual skills of:

  • analysing evidence qualitatively and quantitatively
  • examining arguments critically
  • defining and defending an independent point of view in argument
  • communicating and presenting ideas orally and in writing
  • participating constructively in the work of a group
  • time-management and working to strict deadlines

4. To extend students’ general intellectual development by improving:

  • their comprehension of their own and others’ cultures
  • their sense of proportion about current issues and problems
  • their ability to recognise and question prejudice and to challenge orthodox views and socially accepted assumptions
  • their readiness to assume responsible roles in society and to maintain and develop their own intellectual and cultural activity

Additional aims and objectives which relate to individual degree programmes can be found on the History Department website.

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