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UCL History Affiliate Handbook

Much of the information you will need to know throughout your time in the UCL History Department can be found by following the links below.

Finding your way around
How We Will Contact You
Whom to Contact When
Personal Tutors
Attendance and Workload
Writing and Learning Resources
Mark Conversion for US Students
Systems and useful contacts

UCL History Undergraduate handbook

Contains further detailed information including the following:

  • Undergraduate History Handbooks

    • Undergraduate History Student Handbook 2014-15
    • Study Skills Handbook 2014-15
    • 'Useful links' which will take you to the following information

      • UCL Term times
      • UCL History Calendar (including deadlines and key dates)
      • Student Facilities
      • Libraries
      • Teaching Assistant Contact Details
      • Staff-Student Consultative Committee
      • History Society
      • Health & Safety
  • Modules, Assessments and Deadlines information

    • Attendance and Workload
    • Submitting assessed essays
    • Students with Disabilities affecting their performance
    • Examination Guidelines (includes guidance for any students having problems during this time)
    • Marking Criteria
  • Support

    • Essay returns
    • Writing and Learning Mentor and Personal Difficulty (this includes easy links to the Disability Centre and Rights & Advice Centre)

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