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Non-History Affiliates 2015-16

Module choices for non-History affiliate students

The History Department offers a small number of modules to non-History affiliate students. These modules do not require any background in History. These are approved on a first come, first served basis to students who sign up for the module on Portico (students will not have access to module registration on Portico until they have arrived at UCL and registered).

  Term 1 Term 2
History of Parliament HIST7401A HIST7401B
Medieval History in London Collections HIST7403A HIST7403B

It is sometimes possible for affiliate students registered in other UCL departments to take other Undergraduate History modules depending on availability once History affiliates have been placed. Information about modules available will not be published until June 2015. A background in History is required to take these modules i.e. recent, relevant study at University level.

  • Full-Year Courses (1 c.u.) also available to take as half year modules for students only attending for the Autumn term 1 or arriving in January for term 2.
  • Half-Year Courses (0.5 c.u.)

If you have an interest in taking one of these History modules, please contact the Affiliate Administrator in the History Department, Emma Patten.

Reminders for non-History affiliate students accepted to a UCL History module

Students planning to take UCL History modules should make themselves familiar with the departmental processes including deadline dates and submission procedures.
All students accepted on modules must register on the Moodle page for the relevant module, please contact us if you require assistance.

UCL History Calendar (including deadlines and key dates) can be found here. Further guidance can be found on the UCL History Current Undergraduate home page including:

Attendance and Workload

  • Submitting assessed essays
  • Examination Guidelines (these apply to all History modules and include guidance for any students having problems during this time)
  • Marking Criteria


  • Essay returns

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