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Why UCL History?

So why undertake your MA here?

Staff Expertise:

Our department has an internationally recognised reputation for high-quality research, which is reflected in our teaching. In the last UK-wide evaluation of universities (the Research Assessment Exercise), we were ranked equal with Cambridge and above Oxford for providing ‘world-leading’ research. We are firm believers in research-led teaching, meaning that module tutors bring their research expertise into lectures and discussions. Primary sources form an integral part of teaching, and you may find yourself working with the very sources your tutors are using in their latest projects. Research-led teaching also means that individual tutors’ own work informs the design of modules, giving you access to cutting-edge historical themes and debates as an everyday element of your degree.


London is one of the most vibrant, diverse and intellectually stimulating environments in which to live and study. While at UCL, you will be in the heart of Bloomsbury, home to some of the most creative writers, artists and thinkers over the last 150 years, from Charles Darwin to Karl Marx, John Keynes to Virginia Woolf. At the nearby British Museum and British Library, you have the chance to see and sometimes handle documents and artefacts from world-famous collections. We are also a short walk away from the University of London libraries and a wealth of other centres of learning and research. Although living in London can be expensive, it need not be, and there are plenty of ways you can make the most of your experience here without breaking the bank. Have a look at the main UCL website for some tips on managing your budget in one of the world’s most exciting cities.

Breadth of History covered:

The chronological range of UCL’s History Department makes us unique within the UK – nowhere else can you explore history from the ancient Near East to the contemporary world within a single department. We are opening up new ways of studying new and old subjects, from magic, marriage and monarchy to imperialism, nationalism and popular politics. There is a remarkable range of modules to choose from, as you pursue your intellectual passions. You will also have the opportunity to take modules in other UCL Departments and at other University of London colleges, so that you have unrivalled opportunities to study whichever aspect of history interests you.

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