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Chinese Film and the Body

Vivienne Lo

15 credits

Screenings: Tuesdays 7-9, second half of term 1 and first half of term 2

A 5-day intensive seminar week will follow in term 2 reading week


Description: This module will use the media of Chinese film to analyse representations of social and cultural issues related to health and the body in twentieth and twenty-first century China. A set of ten Chinese films will form the core content of this course, ordered thematically: 1950s hagiographies of traditional doctors, eulogies of revolutionary health campaigns to depictions of women and women and children’s health, the martial arts and the experience of drug use, SARS and the contemporary health system. The programme provides opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the relationship between the conditions of film making and representations and the unique conditions of health and the body in China.

Students will be required to watch all the films during the first term and first half of the second term on the dates detailed below. Selected compulsory reading material will be provided for each film. Please also see the general reading list below. The course itself will be held intensively in 20 hours between the 11th and 14th February 2013.  At that time the films already viewed will be introduced and discussed in seminar style. A small selection of films will be shown and analysed during the intensive week. 

Assessment: 1 Essay, 4000 words (100%)

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