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What current students say...

  • Matthew Klein:

"I love how the degree is so multi-disciplinary and that we are confronted with a multitude of perspectives from many angles. The academic challenges have been immensely rewards and they have, by far and away, exceeded my expectations."

  • Stephanie Cullen:

"The MA Transnational Studies has enabled me to not just develop my academic skills and knowledge but to engage with an emerging analytical framework, which is an exciting process in itself. The course has exceeded my expectations in the sense that it is not just learning one academic subject; rather we have been lucky enough to work with several different departments, from History to Global Health, which has allowed me to develop extensive knowledge and experience across the social sciences and humanities. The course has also encouraged us to develop our modern language, which was not something that was often offered to students when I was researching Masters courses."

  • Matthew Porter

"Transnational Studies has allowed me to pursue my interests from my undergraduate degree on an interdisciplinary platform. Creating a personal pathway of learning has been extremely exciting and is something that cannot always be offered at this level of academia"

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