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MA Funding

Departmental Funding

*Funds available for 2015/16 entry will be announced in February, please check back for information*

Furlong Bursary for MA Study in the Ancient Near East

The Furlong Memorial Trust will award a bursary each year for the best application to the MA Ancient History with an interest in studying the near east. For the 2014/15 the award will be £3,500. 

Funding for students on the MA Medieval and Renaissance Studies programme

Funding for 2015/16 entry will be announced early February, please check back for information

Carol Chattaway Medieval History Scholarship.

Click here to find out more (MARS website)

All History Department funding is based on academic excellence

Selected UCL Funding

UCL Alumni Scholarships

For UK/EU and overseas students

UCL Global Excellence Scholarships

See links at the top of this page for a full listing of UCL MA funds

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