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Useful Information for Current Students

Key dates



Departmental Information for Graduate Students - 2014/15


  • Basic departmental information and contacts
  • Information on writing and submitting coursework and dissertations

Ancient History/LABS Handbook - 2014/15

Academic Regulations

MA Scheme of Award - 2014/15

MA Marking Criteria

Staff-Student Committee


You need to attach a completed copy of this to both copies of every essay submitted. Candidate codes (for example CXGF2) MUST be used, not names.

  • MA Dissertation Proposal Form - Word or PDF
  • Dissertation Cover Template - Word or PDF

Use the above as the template for your dissertation cover.

Extensions can only be granted by the Chair of the Board of Examiners on the recommendation of the MA Graduate Tutor. He is only likely to do so in cases of illness, for which you must provide medical certification, or bereavement.
Students wishing to apply for an extension should complete the form above and make an appointment to see the MA Graduate Tutor, normally no later than the Friday before the deadline. After this date, it usually only bereavements and serious illnesses that occurred on the day of the deadline, or in the weekend before it, that can be considered valid grounds for an extension.

Students seeking extensions for coursework taught on non-History Department modules must check the rules of the teaching Department in question and submit a request to them.

Extensions can only be granted for dissertations under exceptional circumstances.

If you feel that anything (such as sickness or personal problems) has affected your studies during the academic year please complete this form and submit to the Postgraduate Administrator by your dissertation submission date at the latest.  You should indicate the time frame and specific courses/coursework that have been affected.  Please note that extenuating circumstances cannot be taken into account where adequate exceptions have already been made (for example where extensions to deadlines or deferred examinations have already been granted).

Other Useful Information

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