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Courses 2013-14


More information about module choices (including interdepartmental and external students and modules)


HISTGA01 Sources and Methods in Ancient History

Various tutors

HISTGA04 Continuity and Change in the Ancient Near East

Eleanor Robson

HISTGA05B Economy of Classical Athens

Hans van Wees

HISTGA09A Propaganda and Ideology in Rome

Valentina Arena

HISTGA69 Hellenistic Epigraphy: From Athens to Afghanistan

Riet van Bremen

HISTG012 Classical Chinese Medicine

Vivienne Lo

CLASGL01 MA Beginners Latin
CLASGL15 Dionysus in Rome
CLASGR12 Approaches to Reception
CLASGR03 Ancient Rome on Film

  • In the original language...

CLASGG10A Greek Drama 1: Sophocles: Oedipus and his children
CLASGG10B Greek Drama 2: Comedy, Genre and Intertextuality
CLASGG03 Greek Papyrology
CLASGG12A Greek Historians 1: Herodotus
CLASGG12A Greek Historians 2: Xenophon
CLASG100 The Greek Dialects
CLASGL10A Early Modern Latin Literature 1
CLASGL10B Early Modern Latin Literature 2


MDVLG004/G005 Medieval Manuscripts and Documents
David d'Avray and Marigold Norbye
CLASGL01/MDVLGL04 Medieval Latin (beginners)

MDVLGH12 Identity and Power

Antonio Sennis

HISTGH10 Medieval Papacy

David d'Avray

HISTG050 From Renaissance to Republic: The Netherlands c.1555-1609

Ben Kaplan

Early Modern/Modern

HISTGM01 Advanced Skills, Concepts and Theory (core course for MA History, European History and Transnational Studies)

HISTG061 Signs, Mind and Society: Early Modern Theories of Language
Avi Lifschitz

HISTG101 Debating the General Crisis of the Seventeenth Century

Julian Hoppit

HISTG100 Adam Smith and the State
Julian Hoppit

HISTG066 History and Theory of European Integration I: Constructing Europe, 1945 to the Lisbon Treaty

Uta Staiger

HISTG048 Hollywood and the History of American Popular Film
Melvyn Stokes

  • HISTG051 American History on Film (term 1)
  • HISTG068 Hollywood Genres (term 2)

HISTGC06 Chinese Film and the Body

Vivienne Lo

HISTG069 Nations, States and Empires in Transnational Perspective
Axel Korner

HISTG078A Charismatic Cosmopolitans

Dina Gusejnova

HISTG077 Gender and Knowledge in History

Helga Satzinger

HISTG086 The US and the World: 1776-1900
David Sim
HISTG837A Crisis and Future in 19th-Century European Thought
Axel Korner
HISTG102 Globalisation in the 20th Century
Bernhard Rieger

HISTGF02 Public Nightmares: Screening Cold War Anxieties

Matthew Jones

GROUP B MODULES (available to European History, History and Transnational Studies students) - more coming soon!

AMERG033 African Americans and the Struggle for Civil Rights

AMERG***In Uncle Sam's Shadow: Canada and the Americas since 1898

AMERG034 The Making of Modern Latin America: History, Politics and Society

AMERG037 Environmental Issues, Movements and Policies in the Americas

AMERG*** The International Politics of Latin America

More modules available from the Institute of the Americas

HEBRG006 History of the Jews in Poland (30 credits)

HEBRG038 Representations of Trauma- Holocaust Writing (15 credits)

HEBRG128 Israel and the Occupied Territories (15 credits)

HEBRG142 Metropolitan Life: Jews and the City (30 credits)

HEBRG144 The Peace Process in Modern Israeli Politics (15 credits)

SEESGH06 Little Hitlers? Right Radicalism in Central and Eastern Europe, 1900-1945 (15 credits)

SEESGH08 Metropolis: History of Berlin 1871-1990 (15 credits)

SEESGH13 The Soviet Cultural Experiment I, 1917-1945 (15 credits)

SEESGH16 The Crisis Zone:Central Europe: 1900-1990 (15 credits)

SEESGH72 Russian Monarchy: Court Ritual and Political Ideas 1498-1917 (15 credits)

SEESGH73 The Culture of Russian Revolutionary Terrorism 1866-1914 (15 credits)

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