History Society

UCL History Society Committee 2015-16

"We’re a student-run group that organises events throughout the year, from socials such as the Christmas party to careers events with alumni and prospective employers. The university is really, really, really big and we exist to create a community for historians here at UCL. London can also be pretty scary, but all students in the department know that there are a group of friendly faces that they can talk to. In the end, we’re a group of students that want to put on awesome events that you’ll all enjoy that don’t cost an arm and a leg" Will Orton, President 2015-16

Committee 2016-17:

President: Hannah Ruschen

Treasurer: Anna Young

Secretary: Dario Giner

Social Secretaries: Emma Stevenson and Max Thomas

Events Officer: Noshin Bagum

Committee 2015-2016:

President: Will Orton

Treasurer: James Price

Secretary: Poppy Facer

Social Secretaries: Mats Venning and Bea Carrol

Events Officers: Mike Henman and Nick Leah