Dr Sarah Washbrook

Teaching Fellow

Sarah Washbrook completed a D.Phil in Modern History with Prof. Alan Knight at The University of Oxford and was appointed British Academy Post-doctoral Fellow at St Antony’s College, Oxford. She later taught in the Department of Spanish Portuguese and Latin American Studies at the University of Manchester and was Research Associate at the Oxford Centre for Global History, University of Oxford. Her research interests focus on the history of modern Latin America from the late eighteenth century until the present day, with an emphasis on global and regional market development, nation-state building, politics, ‘modernization’, labour, race and ethnicity. Her doctoral and postdoctoral work on Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Bolivia includes research on plantations and labour systems; slavery and its aftermath; immigration; indigenous communities; liberal ideology and state-building; the development of markets in land, labour and capital; institutional and technological change; and the economic, political and cultural legacies of colonialism. She is also interested in the role played by gender and language in the formation of markets and states. She has taught courses on Spanish language and translation and the history of modern Spain as well as the Mexican Revolution, the Enlightenment and Political Revolutions in the Americas, and the history of modern Latin America from late colonial times to the present day. Her most recent publication is Producing Modernity in Mexico: Labour, Race and the State in Chiapas, 1876-1914 (OUP, 2012)

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2005  DPhil  University of Oxford 
2000  MPhil  University of Oxford 
1995  B.Soc.Sci  University of Birmingham 

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