Dr Robin Mills

Robin Mills is currently a Teaching Fellow in the History of Political Thought at UCL, having previously been a Temporary Lecturer in the same subject at King's College London. His main research focuses on seventeenth- and eighteenth-century European attempts to comprehend religious diversity, with a key question being how the thinkers of the Scottish Enlightenment analysed the origins and development of religious belief and practice. He is currently finishing a book on this topic, entitled Religion and the Science of Human Nature in the Scottish Enlightenment, which is under contract with Palgrave-MacMillan. After this, Robin will return to a project on religious compendia in early modern England, and a biography of the Scottish poet-philosopher James Beattie, entitled A Biography of James Beattie: A Poet-Philosopher in Late Eighteenth-Century Britain. These three projects have been and will be supported by a David Walker Fellowship in Early Modern Studies at the University of Oxford (2017-2018), the Daiches-Manning Fellowship at the Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities, the University of Edinburgh (2018), a Visiting Library Fellowship at the University of St Andrews (2017), and by a Scottish Romanticism Award (2017-2018), granted by the British Association of Romantic Studies and the Universities Committee for Scottish Literature (2017).

Major publications

  • 'Lord Kames's Analysis of the Natural Origins of Religion: the Essays on the Principles of Morality and Natural Religion', Historical Research, vol. 89 no. 246 (2016), 751-75.
  • 'The Reception of "That Bigoted Silly Fellow" James Beattie's Essay on Truth in Britain 1770-1830', History of European Ideas, vol. 41 no. 8 (2015), 1049-1079.
  • 'Archibald Campbell's Necessity of Revelation (1739) - the Science of Human Nature's First Study of Religion', History of European Ideas, vol. 41 no. 6 (2015), 728-46.
  • 'Alexander Ross's Pansebeia (1653), Religious Compendia and the Seventeenth-Century Study of Religious Diversity', The Seventeenth Century, vol. 31 no. 3 (2016), 285-310.


Robin is also teaching at QMUL this year on 'Method and Practice in the History of Political Thought and Intellectual History'.