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Professor Wendy Davies, OBE, FBA

Emerita Professor

Office: B21, 23 Gordon Square
External phone: 020 7679 7363
Internal phone: 37363
E-mail: w.davies@ucl.ac.uk


I have been retired since 2007, but until then taught medieval European history at UCL. Much of my research activity has been in collaboration with others, some of the best-known results being the Bucknell charter group's The Settlement of Disputes in Early Medieval Europe (1986), Property and Power in Early Medieval Europe (1995), and The Languages of Gift (2010), all edited with Paul Fouracre, as well as The Inscriptions of Early Medieval Brittany (2000), written with James Graham-Campbell, John Koch and others. I have written books and papers on Welsh, Breton, Irish, Scottish and Spanish social and economic history and have also done much archaeological fieldwork. I remain very active in research and my current projects focus on northern Spain and Portugal.

Professor Davies has recently been elected a Corresponding Fellow of the Medieval Academy of America. 



- Small Worlds. The Village Community in Early Medieval Brittany, 1988.

- Patterns of Power in Early Wales, 1990.

- With Grenville Astill, A Breton Landscape, 1997. French edition 2000.

- Edited with G. Halsall, A. Reynolds, People and Space in the Middle Ages, 300-1300, 2006

- Acts of giving. Individual, community, and church in tenth-century Christian Spain. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2007. xvi + 236pp.

- Welsh History in the Early Middle Ages: Texts and Societies. Farnham: Ashgate, Variorum Collected Studies Series 2009. xiv + 346 pp.

- Brittany in the Early Middle Ages: Texts and Societies. Farnham: Ashgate, Variorum Collected Studies Series 2009. xvi + 340 pp.

Recent Papers:

- 'Economic change in early medieval Ireland: the case for growth', Settimane di Studio - Centro Italiano di Studi sull'alto medioevo, 57 (2010), 111-33

- 'Judges and judging. Truth and justice in northern Iberia on the eve of the millennium', Journal of Medieval History, 36/3 (2010), 193-203

- 'Countergift in tenth-century northern Iberia', in A. Deyermond and M. J. Ryan (eds.), Early Medieval Spain: a Symposium, Papers of the Medieval Hispanic Research, Seminar 63, London: Queen Mary University of London (2010), 79-96

- 'Notions of wealth in the charters of ninth- and tenth-century Christian Iberia', in J.-P. Devroey, L. Feller, R. Le Jan (eds.), Les élites et la richesse au haut moyen âge, Collection Haut Moyen Âge 10, Turnhout: Brepols (2010), 265-84

- 'Where are the Parishes? Where are the Minsters? The Organization of the Spanish Church in the Tenth Century' in David Rollason, Conrad Leyser, Hannah Williams (eds), England and the Continent in the Tenth Century. Studies in Honour of Wilhelm Levison (1876-1947), Studies in the Early Middle Ages 37, Turnhout: Brepols (2010), 379-97 

- 'States and Non-States in the Celtic World' in Walter Pohl and Veronika Wieser (eds.), Der Frühmittelalterliche Staat – europäische Perspektiven, Vienna: Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften (2009), 155-70

- 'The early middle ages and Spanish identity' in H. Pryce and J. Watts (eds.), Power and Identity in the Middle Ages (2007), 68-84.

- 'Buying with masses: "donation" pro remedio animae in tenth-century Galicia and Castile-León' in F. Bougard, C. La Rocca, R. Le Jan (eds.), Sauver son âme et se perpétuer. Transmission du patrimoine et mémoire au haut moyen âge (2005), 401-16.

- 'The Celtic Kingdoms' in P. Fouracre (ed.), The New Cambridge Medieval History, I, c.500-c.700 (2005), 232-62.

- ‘Looking backwards to the early medieval past: Wales and England, a contrast in approaches’, Welsh History Review, 22 (2004), 197-221.

- 'Sale, price and valuation in Galicia and Castile-León in the tenth century', Early Medieval Europe, 11 (2002), 149-74.

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