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Hans van Wees

Grote Professor of Ancient History

Office: G02, 23 Gordon Square
Office hour: Tuesdays 4 - 5pm
External phone: 020 7679 3633
Internal phone: 33633
E-mail: h.wees@ucl.ac.uk

Professor Hans van Wees


My main areas of interest are the social and economic history of early Greece, archaic and classical Greek warfare, and the use of iconographical and comparative evidence in the study of the ancient Greek world. I have written two books on topics within these fields, Status warriors: war, violence and society in Homer and history (1992)  and Greek warfare: myths and realities (2004), and (co-)edited six volumes on archaic Greece; war, violence and competition; and Herodotus. 

I am currently completing a co-authored volume on Athenian Public Finance, 594-86 BC (OUP), an authored book on The World of Achilles (CUP), and an edited volume on 'Aristocracy' in the Ancient World (CPW). Papers currently in press include 'The "law of hybris" and Solon's reform of justice'; 'Defeat and destruction' (on the ethics of Greek warfare); and 'Demetrius and Draco' (on demography and the distribution of wealth in archaic and classical Athens).


Areas of research supervision: Archaic and classical Greek history, especially social and economic history; ancient Greek warfare.

Theses Currently Supervised
  • Beth Rowell - Athenian Identity in the Attic Orators
  • Owen Rees - The Experience of Warfare and Social Integration in Classical Greece
  • Cezary Kucewicz - Treatment and perception of the War Dead in Archaic and Classical Greece
Theses Previously Supervised
  • Errietta Bissa -The Role of the State in Classical Greek Trade.  (Published as E. Bissa, Governmental Intervention in Foreign Trade in Archaic and Classical Greece - Brill: Leiden and Boston 2009)


At MA level, I regularly offer a course on the economy of archaic and classical Greece.  At BA level, my main teaching consists of a survey course on The Greek World, c. 800-386 BC and a Special Subject on War and Society in Ancient Greece, c. 750-350 BC.

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