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Professor Nicholas Tyacke

Honorary Professor

Office: B21, 24 Gordon Square
External phone: 020 7679 7363
Internal phone: 37363
E-mail: n.tyacke@ucl.ac.uk


My work focuses upon the political, religious and intellectual histories of early modern Britain, particularly with reference to Parliament, the Church of England, nonconformity, and Oxford and Cambridge universities. 

My publications include:

- Anti-Calvinists: the rise of English Arminianism c. 1590-1640 (1987)

- ed. Seventeenth-century Oxford, vol. 4 of The history of the University of Oxford (1997)

- ed. England's long reformation 1500-1800 (1998)

- Aspects of English Protestantism c. 1530-1700 (2001)                                         

- 'Puritan politicians and King James VI and I, 1587-1604', in T. Cogswell, R. Cust & P. Lake eds. Politics, religion and popularity in early Stuart Britain: essays in honour of Conrad Russell (2002)

- With K Fincham, Altars restored: the changing face of English Religious worship, 1547 - c. 1700, (2007)

- (ed) The English Revolution c. 1590 - 1720: Politics, Religion and Communities, (2007)

- 'The Puritan Paradigm of English Politics, 1558-1642', Historical Journal, 53 (2010)

- 'From Laudians to Latitudinarians: a shifting balance of theological forces', in G. Tapsell ed. The Later Stuart Church, 1660-1714 (2012)

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