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 Professor Nicola Miller

Professor of Latin American History

(On Leverhulme research leave 2014-17)  

E-mail: nicola.miller@ucl.ac.uk

Professor Nicola Miller

Nicola Miller is Professor of Latin American History.  She is interested in intellectual history, cultural history and international history -- and particularly in thinking about how these different sub-disciplines can be brought together and in the insights to be gained from inter-disciplinary work and transnational approaches.  She has published widely in all three fields, particularly on the history of intellectuals in Latin America.  She teaches an MA course on Nationalism and National Identity in Latin America, and recently co-edited a special issue of the journal Nations and Nationalism on Latin American nationalism (April 2006).

Nicola also worked on the AHRC-funded project 'The American Way of Life: Images of the United States in Nineteenth-century Europe and Latin America'.

Areas of Research Supervision:
History of modern Latin America (nineteenth and twentieth centuries), especially US relations with Latin America; nationalism and national identity; history of intellectuals and culture; the findings of which have been published as America Imagined (see below).

Theses Currently Supervised

 -Cinema and Modernisation in Buenos Aires and Santiago, 1900-1930

 -French Imperial Projects in Latin America

 -The Role of US NGOs in Latin America during the 1980s and 1990s

 -Secrecy and Normalcy in Argentine Debates about Democracy, 1983-1999

Theses Formerly Supervised

 -The American Way of Life: Images of the US in 19th-century Brazil

 -Cultural transactions between Europe and Spanish America: fin-de-siècle debates on the concept of degeneration

 -Nineteenth century British travellers in Latin America

 -Nationalism and the creation of national identity in Panama

 -Receptions of classical antiquity in Argentine and Mexican nation building

Select Publications:

-America Imagined. Explaining the United States in Nineteenth Century Europe and Latin America, edited with Axel Körner and Adam I. P. Smith (Palgrave, New York, 2012)

- Reinventing Modernity in Latin America:  Intellectuals Imagine the Future, 1900-1930, (Palgrave, New York, 2007).
- When Was Latin America Modern?, edited with Stephen Hart, (Palgrave, New York and London, 2007).
-'Reassessing The Cuban Missile Crisis:  The Post Cold War Historiography', in Dale Carter and Robin Clifton (eds.), War and Cold War in American Foreign Policy, 1942-1962, (Macmillan, 2001), 211-39.
-'Trying to Stay Friends:  Cuba's Relations with Russia and Eastern Europe in the Age of US Supremacy', in M Morley and C McGillion and J M Kirk (eds.), Cuba, the United States, and the Post-Cold War World, (University Press of Florida, Gainesville, 2005), 59-96. 
'The Absolution of History:  Uses of the Past in Castro's  Cuba', Journal of Contemporary History, vol. 38(1), 2003, 147-62.
-In the Shadow of the State:  Intellectuals and National Identity in Twentieth-Century Spanish America, (Verso, London and New York, 1999) (342 pp).
- Soviet Relations with Latin America, 1959-1987, Cambridge Soviet Paperbacks series, Cambridge University Press, 1989 (252 pp).

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