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Professor John North

Emeritus Professor

Office: B21, 24 Gordon Square
External phone: 020 7679 7363
Internal phone: 37363
E-mail: j.north@ucl.ac.uk


Professor John North, former Head of the History Department, retired in 2003. Since then he has, amongst other things, produced a third edition of The World of UCL, (2004) and continues to be heavily involved in the AHRC-funded Festus Lexicon project.

Publications include:

- 'Arnobius on Sacifice', in R Salway and J drinkwater (eds) Wolf Liebeschuelz Reflected, (2007) 27 - 36
- 'Pagans, Polytheists and the Pendulum', in W V Harris (ed) The Spread of Christianity in the First Four Centuries, (2005)
- 'Why does Festus quote what he quotes?', in F Glinister, J North and C Woods (eds) Verius, Festus and Paul: Lexicography, Scholarship and Society, (2007) 49 - 68
- 'Attributing Colour to the Ancient Egytians: Reflections on Black Athena', in D O'Connor and A Reid (eds) Ancient Egypt in Africa, (2003) 31 - 38

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