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Professor David d'Avray, FBA

Office: 413, 26 Gordon Square
Office hour: Wednesday 1-2, or by email appointment
External phone: 020 7679 1349
Internal phone: 31349
Professor d'Avray

I have worked on medieval marriage, on preaching,  on attitudes to kingship and death, and on rationalities. I am currently working on royal annulments and papal dispensations, instrumental ethics in the Middle Ages, and ‘longue durée’ structures of papal history, from the 4th century decretal legislation Conregatio Concilii after Trent.

Areas of Research Supervision: topics in medieval and counter-reformation religious, intellectual, social, and legal history.

Theses Currently Supervised:

 -Bodily Identity in Scholastic Theology

 -Cultural Life at the Thirteenth Century Papal Court: the Chaplains

 -Bishops' Deputies in England, 1180-1380

 -The Pecia System in the Cultural Milieu of Paris, 1250-1330

 -The Ethics of Lying and Sincerity in the 12th and 13th Centuries

Selection of Theses Previously Supervised:

 -Magic and Impotence in the Middle Ages

 -The King's blood: royal genealogies, dynastic rivalries and historical culture in the Hundred Years War. A case study of 'A tous nobles qui aiment beaux faits et bonnes histoires'

 -Kinship in Thirteenth-Century England: the Canon Law in the Common Law

 -The Religious Dimensions of English Cistercian Privileges

 -Offices, Officers and Accountability in the Middle Ages

 -The Immaculate Conception, 1100-1700: Para-Magisterial Powers and their Politics

Select publications:

- Medieval Marriage; Symbolism and Society, (Oxford, OUP, 2005)
- Medieval Religious Rationalities: a Weberian Analysis (Cambridge, 2010)
-Rationalities in History: a Weberian Essay in Comparison (Cambridge, 2010)

-(With Antonia Fitzpatrick) 'Formalizing the Logic of Historical Inferences' (Erkenntnis, July 2012)

-'Contamination, Stemmatics and the Editing of Medieval Latin Texts' in A Bucossi & Erika Kihlman (ed.) Ars Edendi Lecture Series (Stockholm, 2012) pp. 63-77

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