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Professor Michael Crawford, FBA

Emeritus Professor

External phone: 020 7679 7363
Internal phone: 37363
E-mail: imagines.italicae@sas.ac.uk


I work on ancient economic and monetary history, the history of ancient Italy, Roman law, and the history of Roman law in the Middle Ages, as well as on the Renaissance, where my interests lie in the beginnings of archaeology and epigraphy as sciences.

Among my publications are Roman Republican Coinage (1974), the coin descriptions from which have been reproduced in the openly accessible on-line catalogue of the Roman Republican coins in the British Museum; and Roman Statutes (1996), a corpus of legislation passed through the assemblies of the Roman people; it is out-of-print, and I hope in the near future to publish a second edition with a supplement. I direct, with Benet Salway, the Projet Volterra, “Law, Empire and after, AD 193-1076”, and, with John North, the Festus project, intended to produce a new edition of his lexicon, the incompletely preserved contents of which are central to our knowledge of Roman Republican institutions. Both are AHRC-funded projects. There are significant intellectual links between them, and there was a joint workshop to discuss them, ‘Law, Lexica and Libraries: Italy and Francia between the sixth and eleventh centuries’, from Thursday 20 to Saturday 22 June 2013. My current contribution to this research is work on the so-called Collectio Britannica, BL, Add. 8873, a collection of primarily canon law material of the early twelfth century AD, that includes selections from the Institutions and Digest of Justianian, in both cases with readings some of which are better than those of any other Latin manuscript.

I have excavated at Fregellae, in Liguria, at Veleia, and in Piedmont. I also work closely with the Department of Coins and Medals in the British Museum, and am Chair of the Institute of Classical Studies Library Committee.

I am currently working on a book on the relations between Italy and Rome from the fourth century BC to Augustus and have just published Imagines Italicae (2012), a corpus of Italic inscriptions, including a full account of their archaeological and monumental context. I am also preparing the publication of the Aphrodisias copy of Diocletian’s edict on maximum prices, the copy which finally allows us to infer that there are now no gaps in the composite text built up from the different, incomplete copies scattered across the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire.

Select Pubications:

Roman Republican Coinage (1974)

The Roman Republic (1978)

Coinage and Money under the Roman Republic: Italy and the Mediterranean Economy (1985)

La moneta in Grecia e a Roma (1986)

“Origini e sviluppo del sistema provinciale romano”, in G. Clemente, F. Coarelli & E. Gabba (edd.), Storia di Roma II.1 (1990)

(Ed. and contr.), Antonio Agustín between Renaissance and Counter-Reform (1993)

“Italy and Rome from Sulla to Augustus”, in A.K. Bowman, E. Champlin & A.W. Lintott (edd.), Cambridge Ancient History, Vol. X (1996)

Roman Statutes (1996)

“Diocletian’s jigsaw puzzles”, in T.P. Wiseman (ed.), Classics in Progress (2002)

(With M. Cottier & C. Crowther et al.), The Customs Law of Asia (2008)

Imagines Italicae (2012)

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