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Professor Kathleen Burk

Professor Emerita of Modern and Contemporary History

Office: B21, 24 Gordon Square
E-mail: k.burk@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Kathleen Burk

My general field is international history, concentrating especially on politics, diplomacy and finance.  I specialise in the twentieth century, although I currently publish on earlier periods as well.  My primary area of research is Anglo-American relations, on which I have published three books and a number of articles, but I have also written on the history of merchant banks, on which I have published three books and a number of articles, and on international history generally, on which I have published an edited book and a number of articles.  In 2007, I published a huge book on Anglo-American relations from 1497 to 2003, which was published in the States the following year.  I am currently writing a book on the interactions of the British and American empires from 1783 to the present;  in due course, I plan to write a book on the Marshall Plan from the European perspective.  In my off hours, I write on wine and its history, on which I have published a book and a number of articles.

Select Publications


Britain, America and the Sinews of War 1914-1918 (1985)

The First Privatisation:  The Politicians, the City, and the Denationalisation of Steel (1988)

Morgan Grenfell 1838-1988:  The Biography of a Merchant Bank (1989)

‘Goodbye, Great Britain’:  the 1976 IMF Crisis (with Alec Cairncross) (1991)

The Deutsche Bank in London 1873-1990 (with Manfred Pohl) (1998)

Troublemaker:  the Life and History of A.J.P. Taylor (2000)

Old World, New World:  The Story of Britain and America (2007)

Is This Bottle Corked?  The Secret Life of Wine (with Michael Bywater) (2008)

Articles and Essays:

‘The Diplomacy of Finance:  British Financial Missions to the United States 1914-1918’, Historical Journal, 22 (1979)

‘J.M. Keynes and the Exchange Rate Crisis of July 1917’, The Economic History Review, 32 (1979)

‘Britain and the Marshall Plan’, C.J. Wrigley (ed), Warfare, Diplomacy and Politics:  Essays in Honour of A.J.P. Taylor (1986)

‘Finance, Foreign Policy and the Anglo-American Bank:  the House of Morgan 1900-1931’, Historical Research, 61 (1988)

‘The Lineaments of Foreign Policy:  the United States and a “New World Order” 1919-1939’, Journal of American Studies, 26 (1992)

‘American Foreign Economic Policy and Lend-Lease’, Ann Lane & Howard Temperley (eds), The Rise and Fall of the Grand Alliance (1995)

‘The Marshall Plan:  Filling in Some of the Gaps’, Contemporary European History, 10 (2001)

‘Colonial America, the Founding Fathers, and Wine’, The World of Fine Wine, 3 (2004)

‘Is There an Anglo-American Alliance?  Or a Pact?  Or an Agreement?  Or Anything?’, Melissa P. Yeager and Charles Carter (eds), Pacts and Alliances in History:  Diplomatic Strategy and the Politics of Coalitions (2012)

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