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Professor Axel Körner

Professor of Modern History                

Office: 212, 26 Gordon Square

Office hour: Thursdays, 11-1pm
(term time only)
External phone: 020 7679 3617
Internal phone: 33617
E-mail: a.korner@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Axel Korner

I am a cultural and intellectual historian of nineteenth century Europe, with strong interests in social and political developments, historiography as well as methodology and theory. Most of my research deals with Italy, France, Germany and the Habsburg monarchy between the late eighteenth and the early twentieth centuries. Particular fields of interest are transnational history, the European Revolutions of 1848 and the history of nineteenth century opera. I am director of UCL's Centre for Transnational History, where my own work concentrates on the relationship between nations and states as well as the transfer of ideas and culture.

My most recent monograph deals with the municipal politics of culture in Italy between Unification and Fascism, including chapters on music theatre, museums and archaeological excavations, monuments and commemorations. The book argues that in the case of Italy, the Age of Nationalism was also an age of municipalities and transnational cultural exchange. A previous book looked at workers' songs and Labour movements in nineteenth century France and Germany. My books also include an edited collection on the Revolutions of 1848. Together with Nicola Miller and Adam Smith I edited a co-authored volume on Images of America in 19th century Europe and Latin America. I am currently finishing a monograph on America in the nineteenth century Italian imagination, including chapters on major political thinkers such as Carlo Catteneo and Mazzini, on operatic representations of the United States and on Italian perceptions of the American Civil War.

I hold a Maîtrise d'Histoire from the University of Lyon II and a PhD from the European University Institute in Florence. In 2007 I was a member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J. and in 2008 a Visiting Professor at the ENS Paris. In 2009 I was a Visiting Fellow at the Remarque Institute of New York University. 

Areas of PhD Supervision

Modern European History (France, Germany, Habsburg Monarchy, Italy)

19th-20th Century Intellectual and Cultural History

19th Century European Labour History

Transnational and Comparative History

Historical Theory, History of Historiography

Students Currently Supervised

 -Between Revolution and Reform: The 1848 Hungarian national movement and British Liberalism

 -Subterranean Bourgeois Blues: Urban Folk Music Revivalism in England and America, 1945-1975

 -Provincial Modernities: Manchester and Lille in transnational perspective

 -The Iconography of Normlessness in 19th century Europe

 -The cooperative movement in Italy and England

Students Previously Supervised

-Historical Semantics in Deutscher Werkbund theory and practice 1907-1929

 -The American Way of Life: Images of the US in 19th-century Europe and Latin America: a case study of France

-European Internationalism(s), 1880-1930: Brussels as a centre for transnational cooperation

 -Leopold von Ranke and the religious foundation of scientific history

Select Publications

-America Imagined. Explaining the United States in Nineteenth Century Europe and Latin America (ed with N. Miller and A. Smith, 2012)

-Opera and Nation in 19th century Italy (ed) Special Issue, The Journal of Modern Italian Studies, 17/4 (2012)

-'Uncle Tom on the Ballet Stage: Italy's Barbarous America, 1850-1900' The Journal of Modern History, 83, no. 4 (December 2011), 721-752

-Politics of Culture in Liberal Italy: From Unification to Fascism (2008) (paperback edition 2011)

- 'Music of the future: Italian Theatres and the European Experience of Modernity between Unification and World War One', in European History Quarterly (2011)

- 'The Experience of Time as Crisis: on Croce's and Benjamin's Concept of History', in Intellectual History Review (2011) 151-169

- 'Local Government and the Meaning of Political Representation: a Case Study of Bologna between 1860 and 1915', in Modern Italy (2005)

-ed. 1848 - A European Revolution? International ideas and national memories of 1848 (2000, 2003)

- Das Lied von einer anderen Welt: Kulturelle Praxis im französischen und deutschen Arbeitermilieu, 1840-1890 (1997)

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