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Professor Jason Peacey

Jason Peacey's area of interest is British history in the early modern period. He convenes the new 'Evolving History' course which is compulsory for second year undergraduates. 

Jason's research focuses on the politics and political culture of early modern Britain, and he is particularly interested in the relationship between print culture and political life. Jason is interested, therefore, in the censorship and exploitation of the press by the political elite, the ways in which contemporaries experienced the early modern 'information revolution'. He is developing a new project relating to the political culture of print and diplomacy in seventeenth century Europe, which will explore the possibilities for books and newspapers to traverse national borders, and the constraints placed upon such flows of print, not least through diplomatic means. In addition Jason is one of the editors of a Leverhulme funded project to produce a new edition of the letters and speeches of Oliver Cromwell.  Jason is one of the editors of a monograph series on Politics, Culture and Society in Early Modern Britain for Manchester University Press. He is on the editorial board, and is the book reviews editor, for the journal Parliamentary History

Areas of Research Supervision: The early modern period of British History, especially those concerning political history and political culture. Jason has a particular interest in parliamentary history, popular politics, print culture, and the history of communication, including the history of journalism, reading and the 'reception' of texts.

Qualifications & memberships of professional bodies

1994  PhD  University of Cambridge 
Fellow of the Royal Historical Society (since 2003) 

Courses taught

HIST2008 Evolving History
HIST2900 Domestic Dissidents: Intelligence and Surveillance in Early Modern Britain
HIST3312/9312 The British Civil Wars and Interregnum 1637-60
HISTG057A The Public Sphere in Britain, 1476-1800: Print Culture, Censorship and Propaganda

Major Publications

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