Dr Jagjeet Lally

Jagjeet Lally is a Lecturer in the History of Early Modern and Modern India. He joined UCL in 2013 as a historian of south Asia, with wider interests in western Asia and the Middle East, and across the histories of the environment, economy, society, science, and culture. He is currently completing his first project on India’s cultural and commercial connections with central Eurasia in the period before c. 1914. This project also diverged into smaller inquires into Indo-Islamicate equestrian visual culture, the history of experiments and economic change in early colonial Punjab, the Salvation Army’s work with revivifying sericulture in early-twentieth century India, the moral economy of colour in pre-colonial north India, and the later eighteenth-century Afghan economy. His next project will focus on the Himalayas. 

PhD supervision

Jagjeet is interested in supervising research students in the following areas:

  • The history of south Asia, c.1600-1950 - including the area encompassed by the present-day states of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma/Myanmar, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.
  • The history of the Indian Ocean world, c.1600-1900.
  • The environmental, economic and social history of, and the history of science and medicine in, the Himalayan region since c.1700 - including the area encompassed by present-day Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet.
  • The history of central Asia and Iran (in the Safavid, Zand, and Qajar periods).
  • The economic, social, and cultural history of trade and exchange, commodities and things, within an imperial, global, or world history framework.
  • The history of empires, especially in a comparative perspective.