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Dr Simon Corcoran

Senior Research Fellow, Projet Volterra

Office: B18, 23 Gordon Square
Office hour: Tuesday 1-2
External phone: 020 7679 3614
Internal phone: 33614
E-mail: s.corcoran@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Simon Corcoran

My predominant area of research is Roman legal history in the late antique and early mediaeval periods, conducted under the aegis of the Projet Volterra, on which I have worked since 1999. This has included the recent (2010) identification of fragments of the lost Gregorian Code. I also have a strong interest in Diocletian and the era of the tetrarchs, as well as in Greek and Latin epigraphy. My principal undergraduate teaching has been about ancient slavery, with some MA teaching on Roman and Byzantine legal history.

Recent significant publications include:

Observations on the Sasanian Law-Book in the light of Roman legal writing’, in A. Rio (ed.), Law, Custom, and Justice in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. Proceedings of the 2008 Byzantine Colloquium (Centre for Hellenic Studies: London, 2011) pp. 77-113

‘Softly and suddenly vanished away: the Junian Latins from Caracalla to the Carolingians’, in K. Muscheler (ed.), Römische Jurisprudenz - Dogmatik, Überlieferung, Rezeption. Festschrift für Detlef Liebs zum 75. Geburtstag (Duncker & Humblot: Berlin, 2011) pp. 129-152

‘A newly identified Greek fragment of the Testamentum Domini’, Journal of Theological Studies 62 (2011) pp. 118-135 [jointly with Benet Salway]

‘Murison and Theophilus’, Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies 53/2 (2010) pp. 85-124

‘New subscripts for old rescripts: the Vallicelliana fragments of Justinian Code Book VII’, Zeitschrift der Savigny Stiftung für Rechtsgeschichte: romanistische Abteilung 126 (2009) pp. 401-422

‘Anastasius, Justinian and the pagans: a tale of two law codes and a papyrus’, Journal of Late Antiquity 2 (2009) pp. 183-208

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