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Dr Negley Harte

Emeritus Senior Lecturer

Office: B21, 24 Gordon Square
External phone: 020 7679 7363
Internal phone: 37363
E-mail: n.harte@ucl.ac.uk


I am interested in three main areas of British history: the origins of industrialisation; textile production and consumption (sixteenth to nineteenth centuries); and the history of higher education.

Publications include:

- The University of London, 1836-1986: an illustrated history (1986)
- 'The British linen trade with the United States in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries', Textiles in trade: Proceedings of the Textile Society of America Biennial Symposium (1990)
- with John North, The world of UCL, 1828-1990, 2nd edn. (1991)
- 'The economics of clothing in the late seventeenth century', in N. B. Harte ed. Fabrics and fashions: studies in the economic and social history of dress (1991)
- 'Silk and sumptuary legislation in England', in S. Savaciocchi ed. La seta in Europa, secc.XII-XX (1993)
- ed. The new draperies in the Low Countries and England, 1300-1800 (1997)

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