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Dr Benet Salway

Senior Lecturer

Office: B20, 23 Gordon Square
Office hour: Mondays 11-12; Thursdays 2-3
External phone: 020 7679 3653
Internal phone: 33653
E-mail: r.salway@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Benet Salway

I work on later Roman history, Greek and Roman epigraphy and onomastics, Roman law, and travel and geography in the Graeco-Roman world. I teach a general, group 1, course on the history of the Roman empire as well as more specialist courses, including 'Mechanisms of Power: Running the Roman Empire' and an MA course on Latin epigraphy.

I am a director of the major AHRC funded Projet Volterra.

Areas of Research Supervision: Roman Imperial History (social and political), Roman epigraphy (Greek and Latin) and onomastics, Roman law, and travel and geography in the Graeco-Roman world.

Theses Currently Supervised:

 -A comparison of the funerary epigraphy of Roman Britain and Numidia

 -Branding of goods in the Roman world

 -The social and economic significance of Indo-Roman trade to the Roman Empire

 -The legal basis of the so-called persecutions of Christians from the reign of Nero to before Decius

 -Social use of space in late antiquity

Select publications

- 'The nature and genesis of the Peutinger Map', Imago Mundi, 57.2 (2005), 119 - 135
- 'Mancipium rusticum sive urbanum: the slave chapter of Diocletian's edict on maximum prices'. In Roth, U. (Ed.). By the sweat of your brow: Roman slavery in its socio-economic setting Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies Supplements (London: Institute of Classical Studies, 2010), 1-20

-'Putting the world in order: mapping in Roman texts' in James R. Akerman and Richard J. A. Talbert (eds.), Ancient Perspectives: Maps and their Place in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome (2012)
- 'Constantine Augoustos not Sebastos', in J. F. Drinkwater and R. Salway (eds), Wolf Liebeschuetz Reflected: Essays Presented by Colleagues, Friends, and Pupils, (2007) 37 - 50

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