Dr Angus Gowland


Angus Gowland is a Reader in Intellectual History. His broad interest is in early-modern European intellectual history, and more particularly sixteenth- and seventeenth-century political thought, moral philosophy, psychology and medicine. He teaches courses on the history of European political thought from classical antiquity to the twentieth century, on ideas about human nature in the Renaissance, on political thought in the Renaissance, and on the theory and practice of intellectual history. 

Dr Gowland's principal research investigates early-modern ideas about melancholy and dreaming, addressing the interaction in these areas between medicine, natural philosophy, theology, ethics, politics and literature, and exploring their broad cultural-historical significance. He has also written about the methodology of intellectual history. In 2010 Angus was awarded a Philip Leverhulme Prize in Early Modern History.

Areas of Research Supervision: Intellectual history from the Renaissance to the 17th Century, particularly in political and moral thought, medicine, natural philosophy, rhetoric, and theology.

Qualifications & memberships of professional bodies

2001  PhD  University of Cambridge 
1998  MPhil  University of Cambridge 
1996  BA  University of Cambridge 

Courses taught

HIST3321/9321 Soul and Body in Renaissance Thought
HIST6001 The History of Political Thought
HISTG835 Political Thought in Renaissance Europe

Major Publications

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Dr Angus Gowland