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Currently your links are the same colour as the banner.
If you would like to change the banner colour, please email silva-support@ucl.ac.uk so we can adapt the links colour to the banner you've chosen.

  • To edit, either click on the grey cross at the bottom-right or type /edit after the URL
  • If you like, you can choose a different banner colour from the UCL Attributes - choose from the Corporate Identity ones
  • IMPORTANT: set your User Settings and remind any other Editors and Chief Editors to do so, too
  • IMPORTANT: use Firefox as your browser when editing in Silva
  • IMPORTANT: ensure you use heading styles, but not the 'Sub' style as this is the same colour as your links (see above for an example)
    NB: Heading styles get picked up by Search Engines
  • IMPORTANT: use bullet points for a list of links, rather than 'embed' links in text:
    1st - because people scan rather than read web pages
    2nd - because bullet points get picked up by Search Engines
  • There is already a 'home' link as well as a folder for Images at the root of your site
  • Create folders rather than pages as this allows you to add pages over time
  • For reasons of good practice, we recommend you create an Images folder within each new folder and place images there; also make sure you name your images properly
  • Id should always be lower case and preferably the same name as the Title of the folder / page
  • IMPORTANT: Don't use links like 'click here', or 'more'.
    Instead use text for linking e.g. 'Recent Publications', the Speech given by Prof T.
    Using link names that have meaning is better for search engines as well as accessibility.
  • IMPORTANT: Don't use 'underline' as it gives the impression it's a link...
  • Keep pages short to stop users from having to scroll
  • Keep the user in mind when creating the site
  • When you communicate with silva-support, please include the URL of the page in question

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