Thematic Modules

These modules, aimed at second-year students and normally taught by weekly 2-hour seminars (of c. 15 students), typically examine a particular historical theme in detail. Assessment is now two coursework essays of 2,500 words each (50%) and one 3-hour examination 50%). As with HIST6xxx modules, teachers may require students to make other unassessed contributions. Second-year students may take a module of this type from the menu of ‘Group 2’ modules available from other colleges.

HIST2105: Roman Democracy: Myth or Reality?
HIST2108: Understanding the Early Mesopotamian World
HIST2202: Rome 300-1000AD: Portraits of a City, Reflections of a Changing World
HIST2205: Islamic Empires in a Comparative Perspective: The Foundations of Mediterranean Politics in the Age of the Crusades
HIST2302: The Industrial Revolution in Britain
HIST2310: State, Sovereignty and Liberty: The History of Political Thought in Early Modern Europe
HIST2312: Religious Reformations and Popular Piety, 1450-1650
HIST2319: Enlightenment and Revolution: Europe 1715-1805
HIST2414: American History in Hollywood Film
HIST2418: History, Memory, Democracy: Politics and the Past in Latin America, c.1970 to the Present
HIST2423: Social Change, New Social Movements and Politics in Britain after 1945
HIST2424: The Cultural Cold War in Europe 1917-1989
HIST2426: Africa, Decolonization and Internationalism
SEHI2002: Crown, Church and Estates in Central Europe, 1500-1700
SEHI2008: The Fall and Rise of the Polish Nation, 1648-1921
SEHI2010: Dictatorship as experience: The Coexistence of Consensus and Refusal in the German Democratic Republic