Thematic Modules

These modules, aimed at second-year students and normally taught by weekly 2-hour seminars (of c. 15 students), typically examine a particular historical theme in detail. Assessment is now two coursework essays of 2,500 words each (50%) and one 3-hour examination 50%). As with HIST6xxx modules, teachers may require students to make other unassessed contributions. Second-year students may take a module of this type from the menu of ‘Group 2’ modules available from other colleges.

Please note that as part of steps to improve service to students, UCL is implementing a new coding system for modules effective from the 2018-19 session. This will not impact the content of your modules. However to ease the transition we have included both old and new module codes below.  Old module codes are indicated in brackets.  Please make a note of the new codes as they will appear on your timetable, Moodle and Portico.

The modules below are due to run in the 2018/19 academic year:

Understanding the Early Mesopotamian World
The Seleukid Empire, c.312-145 BC
The City in the Roman World from c. 100 BC to AD 500
Social Systems in Religious History from Constantine to Napoleon
The Medieval Universe
India and the Global Economy, 1500-Present
Crown, Church and Estates in Central Europe, 1500-1700
The Fall and Rise of the Polish Nation, 1648-1921
The Industrial Revolution in Britain
African Cities - Past and Present
War, Rebellion, and Social Discontent in Modern China
American History in Hollywood Film
History, Memory, Democracy: Politics and the Past in Latin America, c.1970 to the Present
Superpower: A Global History of the United States, 1898-1989
Successors to the Habsburgs: East-Central Europe, 1914-1945
The Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia
Media, Culture and Society in the Soviet Union from Stalin to 1991
Dictatorship as experience: The Coexistence of Consensus and Refusal in the German Democratic Republic
Africa, Decolonization and Internationalism