HIST6410: History of Latin America c.1830-c.1930


This course looks at Latin America in the first century after independence. Its main stress is on Spanish America, but considers Brazil for comparative purposes. The continent will be studied as a whole, and specific countries will be examined too. No language requirement is set, and no prior knowledge of the subject is assumed. Students are encouraged to pursue their own interests. Topics include: liberalism and authoritarianism in Mexico; the character of the Mexican revolution; race and nation-building; environmental history; urbanisation; Argentine development in comparative perspective; slavery and abolition; the survival and demise of the Spanish colony in Cuba and Cuban radical traditions; US imperialism.

Assessment methods

  • HIST6301: 1 X 2,500 word essay (25%) and a 3-hour examination (75%)
  • HIST6301A (Term 1 Affiliate students only): 1 X 4,000 word essay (100%)
  • HIST6301B (Term 2 Affiliate students only): 2 X 2,500 word essays (40/60%)