Survey Modules

These generally provide an overview of a large geographical region and/or a long time span and are taught over two terms, normally by weekly 1-hour lectures and discussion classes (of c. 15 students). Assessment is by one coursework essay of 2,500 words (25%) and one 3-hour examination (75%). In addition, tutors will require students to make other contributions, including informally-assessed written work.

HIST6106: The Hellenistic World from Alexander to the End of the Attalid Kingdom
HIST6107: The Roman Republic, c.350-44BC
HIST6111: Bronze Age States in the Ancient Middle East
HIST6209: The Medieval Universe
HIST6210: Social Systems in Religious History from Constantine to Napoleon
HIST6301: British History 1689-c.1860
HIST6304: British History 1850-1990
HIST6312: Colonial and Revolutionary North America 1607-1787
HIST6313: Building the American Nation: The United States 1789-1920
HIST6410: History of Latin America c.1830-c.1930
HIST6414: The Making of Modern America: The United States since 1920
HIST6416: The Global Economy since 1700
SEHI6006: History of the Habsburg Monarchy 1700-1918
SEHI6009: History of Russia 1598-1856
SEHI6011: History of Germany since 1815