Survey Modules

These generally provide an overview of a large geographical region and/or a long time span and are taught over two terms, normally by weekly 1-hour lectures and discussion classes (of c. 15 students). Assessment is by one coursework essay of 2,500 words (25%) and one 3-hour examination (75%). In addition, tutors will require students to make other contributions, including informally-assessed written work.

Please note that as part of steps to improve service to students, UCL is implementing a new coding system for modules effective from the 2018-19 session. This will not impact the content of your modules. However to ease the transition we have included both old and new module codes below.  Old module codes are indicated in brackets.  Please make a note of the new codes as they will appear on your timetable, Moodle and Portico.

The modules below are due to run in the 2018/19 academic year:

Babylon from Hammurabi to Alexander (c.1800-300 BC)
The Greek World, c.800-386 BC
The Roman Empire from Augustus to Theodosius I
Ancient and Medieval China
Europe in the Early Middle Ages, 400-1000
The First European Union? Christendom c.1100-c.1350
The History of Western Political Thought
Empire in Eurasia
British History 1689-c.1860
The Global Economy since 1700
Building the American Nation: The United States 1789-1920
History of Modern Germany, 1815-1990
Age of Revolution: European History 1815-1870
History of Latin America c.1830-c.1930
British History c.1850-1997
History of the Soviet Union
The Making of Modern America: The United States since 1920