Special Subjects

All single honours students take a Special Subject in their final-year. These examine a historical topic in detail using primary as well as secondary sources. They are taught in weekly 2-hour seminar classes over two terms. There may be a preliminary meeting during the summer term of the previous academic year and students are often expected to undertake some preparatory reading during the summer vacation.

Special Subjects are assessed by one 3-hour examination and one long essay of 10,000 words. Additional unassessed coursework and/or student presentations may also be required. BA Ancient History & Egyptology students may take the taught element of an ancient history Special Subject for 1 unit (examination only), with the compulsory HIST9902 10,000 word dissertation. Finalists may choose their Special Subject from the menu of ‘Group 3’ modules available from other colleges.

Please note that as part of steps to improve service to students, UCL is implementing a new coding system for modules effective from the 2018-19 session. This will not impact the content of your modules. However to ease the transition we have included both old and new module codes below.  Old module codes are indicated in brackets.  Please make a note of the new codes as they will appear on your timetable, Moodle and Portico.

The modules below are due to run in the 2018/19 academic year:

Temple Life in Assyria and Babylonia
Competitive Men: The Politics of Competition in Ancient Greece
The Intellectual Landscape of the Late Roman Republic
Popes, Caliphs and Sacred Law, 385-850
Passages to Jerusalem: The Crusades and the Medieval World, 1095-1291
Animals, Demons and the Boundaries of the Human in the Late Middle Ages
Soul and Body in Renaissance Thought
Ivan the Terrible and the Russian Monarchy in the Sixteenth Century
Abraham Lincoln and the Crisis of the Union, 1854-1865
Urban Culture and Modernity: Vienna-Prague-Budapest, 1857-1938
The City of London in the Age of Global Capital 1870-1914
Modernity and Modernism
Race and Resistance in Black Atlantic Thought
Untold Stories: Constructing Lives, Narratives and Experiences in Wartime East Asia
Che Guevara: The Making of a Revolutionary
American Radicalism, 1945-1989
Apartheid's Collapse and the new South Africa
Free-Standing Dissertation