History with a European Language BA

First year students must take:
Second Year students must take:
  • HIST2008: Evolving History
  • HIST2900: Second Year Research Seminar
  • A Thematic module (either at UCL, or an Intercollegiate module)
  • A Survey module
  • Intermediate/advanced modules in the language of the country to be visited in the year abroad, or relating to the literature/culture of that country
For students who entered the programme prior to 2016, the following must be taken:
  • HIST3513 Year Abroad Long Essay (7,500 words)
  • HIST3504 Translation Examination (on return to UCL from the year abroad)

Students also select modules at their host institution.

For students who entered the programme in 2016 or after, the following must be taken:.
  • Students take modules at the host institution. Further details are provided in the preparatory sessions in year two and more information can be found on the History Undergraduate e-handbook on Moodle.
Final year students must take:
Students may then also take: