Advanced Seminar Modules

These are one-term seminar modules, for second and final-year students, covering a diverse range of periods, regions and historical approaches. The vast majority of such courses are assessed by two 2,500 word coursework essays (rarely by one essay and a 1.5-hour examination).

HIST7004A: Dartmouth Module: Migration in African American History, 1776-1914
HIST7014A: History of Asian Medicine
HIST7121B: Ancient Greek Religion of the Archaic and Classical Periods
HIST7122A/B: Ancient Anatolia Through Material Culture
HIST7123A/B: 'Aristocracy' in Ancient Greece
HIST7124A/B: Cities and Kings in the Hellenistic World
HIST7215A/B: Invasion, Integration and Identity in the North Sea Zone, c.400–1200AD
HIST7216B: Twelfth century empires: The Anglo-French and German realms compared
HIST7312A/B: European Fin-de-Siècle: A Cultural and Social History
HIST7316B: Religious Tolerance and Intolerance in Early Modern Europe
HIST7327B: Studies in European History: Twentieth Century European Historiography
HIST7334A: Emergence of the State: The History of European Political Thought in the 17th and Early 18th Centuries
HIST7335B: State, Sovereignty and Liberty: The History of European Political Thought in the 18th Century
HIST7339A/B: The Human and its Others: Enlightenment Ideas of Ethnicity and Race
HIST7341A: London in the Twentieth Century: From Imperial to Global City
HIST7348A/B: Penal Era or Golden Age: Irelanda 1689-1801
HIST7350A: Remembering Slavery
HIST7352A/B: Law’s Empire: Legal Cultures in the British Colonial World
HIST7363A: Economy and State in the Ottoman Empire, 1800-1914
HIST7365A: Queer Histories in Britain from the 1800s to the 1980s
HIST7367A/B: The Golden Age of Piracy, 1650-1730
HIST7368B: Intelligent Design? Science, Religion and Material Culture, 1500-1800
HIST7369A: Views of Human Nature in the Early Modern Period
HIST7425A/B: American Cinema History
HIST7458A: US Internationalism, 1865-1920
HIST7461A/B: Gender in Modern British History, c.1850-1939
HIST7463A/B: Collecting for the Nation: Amateurs, Collectors and Diplomats: A History of Museum Formation
HIST7466A: Voluntary Organisations, NGOs and the British Public, 1914-1985
HIST7468B: Deutschland ’45 to ’89: Culture and Politics in West Germany
HIST7469A/B: The Occupation in French History, Culture and Memory
HIST7473A/B: Race, Ethnicity and the "Other" in Africa
HIST7401A/B: History of Parliament
HIST7403A/B: Medieval History in London Collections
HIST7801B: Teaching History: Theory and Practice, from 1900 to the Present
SEHI7002B: Fascism and Authoritarianism in Eastern Europe
SEHI7008B: The Balkans from Empire to Nation States
SEHI7009A: The Age of Extremes in the Balkans
SEHI7010A/B: History of the Soviet Union