Advanced Seminar Modules

These are one-term seminar modules, for second and final-year students, covering a diverse range of periods, regions and historical approaches. The vast majority of such courses are assessed by two 2,500 word coursework essays (rarely by one essay and a 1.5-hour examination).

Please note that as part of steps to improve service to students, UCL is implementing a new coding system for modules effective from the 2018-19 session. This will not impact the content of your modules. However to ease the transition we have included both old and new module codes below.  Old module codes are indicated in brackets.  Please make a note of the new codes as they will appear on your timetable, Moodle and Portico.

The modules below are due to run in the 2018/19 academic year:

History of Ethics: A Sociological Methodology
History of Asian Medicine
Religious Conversion in the Fourth Century: The Confessions of St Augustine
Ancient Near Eastern Religion
'Aristocracy' in Ancient Greece
Cities and Kings in the Hellenistic World
The Friars in the Medieval World
Invasion, Integration and Identity in the North Sea Zone, c.400–1200AD
Twelfth century empires: The Anglo-French and German realms compared
Georgian London: Economy, Society and Politics
Black Georgians: Race, Nation and Migration in Eighteenth Century Britain
Emergence of the State: The History of European Political Thought in the 17th and Early 18th Centuries
State, Sovereignty and Liberty: The History of European Political Thought in the Eighteenth Century
The Political Thought of the French Revolution
Intelligent Design? Science, Religion and Material Culture, 1500-1800
Penal Era or Golden Age: Irelanda 1689-1801
Remembering Slavery
Law’s Empire: Legal Cultures in the British Colonial World
U.S. Internationalism, 1865-1920
Race, Ethnicity and the "Other" in Africa
American Cinema History
Deutschland ’45 to ’89: Culture and Politics in West Germany
Teaching History: Theory and Practice, from 1900 to the Present
Voluntary Organisations, NGOs and the British Public, 1914-1985
Fascism and Authoritarianism in Eastern Europe
Czechoslovakia in the Age of Extremes, 1918-1993
Between Politics and Culture: German Ideas 1890 - 1970
Europe's First World War, 1911-1923
The Age of Extremes in the Balkans
Studies in European History: Twentieth Century European Historiography
Broadcasting Modernity: A Global History of Radio and Television